Monday, November 3, 2008

My Electoral Vote predictions, via CNN's calculator

Tuesday morning Nov. 4th: This is the best article describing my gut feeling and analysis, so far!!

Obama could even lose Illinois!!

Below is
Mcguyver's prediction:

McCain 428, ......Obama 110, ..............!!!!!!

Click on Image to enlarge:

The way I arrived at this prediction is by left clicking on each individual state at CNN and then on the "VIEW PREVIOUS OHIO WINNERS" for example.

Every state that had less than a 10% win for Kerry I put into Red for John McCain, with the exception for Vermont.

The reason for that is because Vermont loved John McCain in the primary (by 68%) and I cannot see even these New England liberals vote for a socialist, they are pretty independent there.

In California, Kerry won by only 9%, believe it or not, so I had to paint it red, too ( McCain was California's favorite in the primary).

Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois were won by Kerry with less than 10% but because the Democrat candidates are from there I had to paint them blue.

I almost threw in NJ as well, but I'm going easy on Obama.

I know you are thinking that I'm crazy. But follow me here:

1) We've had several anonymous posters at, that stated, the internals from Obama's own campaign know..... that, they have to have a 10% lead in order to win because of the Bradley effect.

2) All the leads in all the polls have Democrats heavily weighted in their sampling. Implying of course, that more Democrats will be voting..... and I beg to differ.

Not too mention that they have anywhere from a 60% - 80% poll refusal rate.

So, who's responding to polls? Answer: Not voters who are flipping to McCain!!

Because of the enthusiasm for Palin, more Republicans will be voting, and, the early votes in California bear that out, for example.

2a) The pollsters are weighting undecideds heavily in the polls as well. And those are now trending towards McCain.

3) I lived on the Left Coast for a decade, and the friends I know that would be registered Democrat or Independent, and the type that voted for Kerry, would NEVER... EVER... vote for a socialist Obama!!

On more occasions than I can count, here in the HotAir comments, we've seen people reporting that friends and family members who have voted straight Democrat ticket for years...., will be voting McCain.

So why don't you try it at CNN and see what predictions you come up with?

Oh... I forgot...

Because even the people who believe that Obama will win (but are voting for McCain) will be voting the GOP back into a lead in the House and.. into the Senate!!

... Posted on here. and here.

...update 2:36 P.M.

I see a commenter thinks I'm silly..

Let me reiterate this and use California as an example because McCain was the primary favorite there.

Now first, let's throw in the Hillary supporters.... what do you guess.. 20% of them?

Give me a number.

Remember, Hillary won the primaries after the Jeremiah tape surfaced, except for the Texas caucus portion.

How many "socialists" surprises have we learned about Obama since then? give me a number...

Obama would not have won Iowa, or the Texas caucus if it were a closed primary, because when you have to audibly call your vote out loud, you don't want to be considered a racist
(I have blogged about this before in other posts here and the same goes for Huckabee the evangelical vs. Romney the Mormon).

Now throw in the voters who absolutely were not voting for McCain even in CA.... and throw in the passion that Palin added.
Now, you can count on the Republicans that were not voting for McCain in the general election, to now be motivated to vote for the Palin/McCain ticket.

Now, reread THE ABOVE.... who has been losing, losing, losing and losing more and more support?

Who has been adding support and adding more base support, process repeat, repeat again?

Update, 8:40 P.M. EST.

In response to commenter Thomas: No kidding!! You simply cannot equate this election with 2000, when we didn't realize the effect of exit polling on the later closing time polls.

Not only that...... There never... was the passion for GW as there is now for Palin!!

The Bush legacy wasn't all that popular in 2000.

The Palin "populist comet stream" is a WHOLE lot bigger!!

Great comment by HotAir commenter: Sign of the Dollar
(from 2nd paragraph):
The majority of the American people are not comfortable with Obama’s clearly radical, anti-individual, anti-capitalist political views. However, the media and his campaign have successfully created an environment in which it is risky for a person to admit their opposition to his views in public. His supporters (whom I believe to be a very vocal minority) can be rather intimidating, following their dear leader’s commands to “get in their faces”. Fortunately, nobody can follow you into the poling booth.
End quote.

That is so true. Very true.

What you must say to people who ask who you voted for:

“It’s a private voting booth and I hold on dearly to my 1st amendment right of freedom of expression as well as the right to privacy.”

And then smile at them longingly.... and promptly, walk away!!


Finally a number on the Hillary voters.....

Here is how many PUMA's are needed for a McCain win:

Even more important is how few PUMA voters in these eleven states are required for a McCain-Palin landslide. If you add up the PUMA's needed column in the second table, you will see that only an extra 507,231 more PUMA's are needed to sweep the table. That is a mere 873,520 PUMA's spread across eleven states are needed to produce a McCain-Palin landslide. Do you really want to tell me that there are not that many Hillary supporters who cannot vote for Obama-Biden in these eleven states out of 18,000,000 of them? Now who is drinking the Kool-Aid? End quote

Now do you believe me?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Buy John McCain contracts on Intrade.

Below is the daily price tracking chart for the McCain presidential campaign.

I invested in John McCain with my money, not just my mouth, as I commented on here on October 24, 2008 at 12:49 PM at

Scroll up to see all my posted comments as I was in the process of buying into these trades live on HotAir.

There is still time for you to do this.

U.S. credit/debit cards will not work to transfer money to Intrade - due to our banks' regulations (think Barney Frank and his partners in crime) :)

But it takes only two (2) business days and a $65.00 flat fee (depends on your bank) to wire it.

As of today (this chart self refreshes) the cost on a dollars worth of contract - when McCain wins on November 4th, is only 13.5 cents on the dollar:

alt="Price for 2008 Presidential Election Winner (Individual) at"
title="Price for 2008 Presidential Election Winner (Individual) at" border="0" />

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The real battle for our minds.... is....

....fatalism and bastards.....

You know, that we are in trouble, when a liberal, "one-world-government" idiot, writes a bastardized article praising McCain.

Quote: "McCain has bucked his side as well. He has refused to bash illegal immigrants."

Nobody ever said anything about bashing illegals!

It always has been and will be about enforcing the law!

This is the kind of bullshit that we have to fight against!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This Ass has reach the point of no return! I cannot tell you how many times this 'Ripoff and Lame-excuse' for a quote "conservative blogger" unquote, has completely pissed me off with his tactics of hazing or not recognizing true conservative efforts by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, etc. for the conservative causes that are the founding principles of this country.

From not recognizing such efforts as effective like Rush's drive for Republican crossover votes for Hillary, berating anybody doing conservative efforts whom he doesn't agree with, to literally gawking over the idea of a conservative crackup, I've completely had it with HotAir!
If it wasn't a well done website, he wouldn't have a prayer in the conservative circles.

It's pure stupidity and such a shame, because of the potential it has, as a vehicle for thought provoking ideas.

Oh well
.. life goes on.

Makes me wonder about the vetting process for his hiring though.

By the way Allah Pundit, if you are reading this.. screw you!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Powerful people are generally arrogant?

Powerful people have confidence in what they are thinking. Whether their thoughts are positive or negative toward an idea, that position is going to be hard to change,” said Richard Petty, co-author of a new study* and professor of psychology at Ohio State University.

The best way to get leaders to consider new ideas is to put them in a situation where they don’t feel as powerful, the research suggests.

“If you temporarily make a powerful person feel less powerful, you have a better chance of getting them to pay attention,” said Pablo Briñol, lead author of the study and a social psychologist at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain. Briñol is a former postdoctoral fellow at Ohio State.
End quote.

I believe, the best way to make them feel less powerful is to engage them with well thought out critique.

Leave your suggestions, thoughts, ideas, criticisms in the comment thread.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

McCain and ALL RINO'S are my least favorite candidate/s.

If you haven't been able to tell by now, RINO's (republicans in name only) are my least favorite candidates for any office.
In fact I consider them one of the ongoing battles against the founding principles of this country.

Here are some of my recent comments on this subject.

Here is one in response to a convoluted assessment of what McCain needs to do/could do/might do, to win the conservative vote, which is pure poppycock!

Here is another crazy, wishing-upon-a-star propositional idea that was collected at the recycling junkyard.

What happens if Obama wins nomination?

In response to Dick Morris saying that Hillary is done.....

My comment at Real Clear Politics:
"Texas is a natural firewall though, Dick Morris, because there a lot of Hispanics that will not vote for the Black person. I've talked to a lot of Hispanics here, who, using the derogative phrase for black people said they will never vote for the ******!

Racism is alive and well, not among whites who have voted for Obama in droves, but among Hispanics. I was shocked beyond disbelief upon hearing their tone of voice against the ******!
They claim that there are going to be riots if Obama wins!

My question is, riots among who? Right. Hispanics against Blacks. Maybe Obama winning the nomination - but not necessarily the national election - will expose the Hispanic's bigotry/racism and give Americans at large, even more reason to throw out the illegals.

Not that I'm wishing this scenario to happen, but could it be a good thing in the long run for Obama to win the delegate count?
And then, if Hillary steals the "election" by getting the super delegates' votes, guess what that will do for the Democratic Party's legitimacy and social rest/unrest.

Ahhhh! Guess what?

While writing this just announced on the radio that the Hispanic Farm Workers Association of Texas has just endorsed Hillary!!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mitt Romney is electable over McCain in the general. UPDATE: MITT IS NOT ARROGANT. Update: I told you so. Update: Dobson finally supports who?

This is a discussion that is really quite ridiculous to me.

It has always been obvious to me that McCain is going to lose in the general election against Hillary or Obama.

This was confirmed to me after having a conversation with my liberal friends. They were quietly snickering about the Republicans only chance being John McCain, because of his age...... etc.

Romney in the general election, in the debates, in interviews, will hands down win it all, because he will rise to the occasion of the particular challenge at hand, which is how he has been successful throughout his life.
This ability to rise to a challenge is a quality that only slowly comes to life over time, since the most we hear from him is quick sound bites here and there.

Romney truly wants to serve the people of this country, with only the best motives in mind. His only ulterior motive, if you will, is to do what is best for the country.
And if he hasn't figured it all out yet what is good for the country, he will, as time goes by and he is presented with the challenges ahead.

Browsing through his website, one can see fairly quickly that his entire effort is the most thought out, comprehensive and wonkish of them all.
This by the way, is intimidating to the establishment officials who resist change, as well as to ignoramuses at large.

This quality/ability to rise to a challenge is also what appears to many as flipping and flopping, when actually it's just true evolution towards improvement, visa vi what's good for the people he's serving at the time.

Mitt Romney is a perfect candidate for those of us who believe in having a voice-in-the-Republic, because he truly does want to listen to all well thought out arguments.
The: 'Ask Mitt Anything' campaign was not a farce or a joke, it was and is real.

HotAir commentator EJDolbow on February 5, 2008 at 12:18 AM
has an interesting take on Mitt's electability.

Update: 11:35 A.M.

So much for experts. Via HotAir, the FNC had an ex' pert on, saying that Mitt's body language communicates arrogance.
No sweetheart, that's not arrogance. That's confidence!

No wonder you woman who "cannot find" real men are such lost souls. You want men with confidence, but when you do find them, you don't like'em because you think they are arrogant.

So you are left with hugging pillows that look and feel like a boyfriend.

You women are funny!

In closing, thanks for the entertainment girls. Too bad you can't get your head screwed on right.

It's been real, but I'm headed to Russia.

And for you wimpy guys looking for a solution, start here, and gain some confidence.

Update: 1:00 P.M.

I told you that Dr. Dobson (and most likely Huckabee supporters) couldn't support McCain in an earlier post. Scroll down to: 'Links to my heartfelt rants on HotAir' or click here.

Update: 2:22 P.M.

Dr. Dobson finally supports someone... well sort of. Via HotAir headlines.

Yeah.. he will vote for Mitt Romney in the general election. So why not endorse him in the primary. I'm sure he's going to vote for someone in the primary. Who is it?

This seriously, really gets under my skin. He's apparently afraid to un-endorse Huckabee because of an evangelical backlash.

That's not a principled stand! That's far worse than a chicken out! Despicable, that's what it is. Utterly despicable!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The cause of the fall of The Roman Empire.

A (attempted) debate with a McCain shill who also blogged about what caused the fall of the Roman Empire, resulted in this astonishing revelation:

It was unrestrained immigration that finally caused the Empire to fall.

It's pretty simple stuff.

You can see the discussion on HotAir for yourself here.

This is an important discussion to be addressed in more detail later.

Update: 12:00 P.M.

It's looks like just what I figured.

It's the battle over immigration that is at stake here, with the establishment GOP, supporting McCain who is a shameless supporter of amnesty by default.

Read Daily Pundit's blog that highlights this very issue in more detail (as linked by HotAir commentator Connie.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Huckabee is CORRUPT!!

6. Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR):

"Governor Huckabee enjoyed a meteoric rise in the polls in December 2007, which prompted a more thorough review of his ethics record."

According to The Associated Press:

“[Huckabee’s] career has also been colored by 14 ethics complaints and a volley of questions about his integrity, ranging from his management of campaign cash to his use of a nonprofit organization to subsidize his income to his destruction of state computer files on his way out of the governor’s office.”

And what was Governor Huckabee’s response to these ethics allegations?

Rather than cooperating with investigators, Huckabee sued the state ethics commission twice and attempted to shut the ethics process down.

God have mercy!

What in the HELL... is it... with this God forsaken, IDIOT-of-a-"Christian/Jesus" candidate?!?!?

Huckabee is not only stupid, he is dangerous!!



God have mercy on us!

You know... the bigger picture here, is that, the religion of Christianity, at large, is going to suffer if they continue to blindly follow this bastard and vote for him, in much the same way as I have outlined the reasons Dr. Dobson is going to cause harm to his non-profit organization, Focus On The Family (see below).

I'll have more on this thought later (I'm too pissed right now).

Links to my heartfelt rants on HotAir

Specifying the anti-Romney bias is the theme of this one.

This one reiterates the influence Dr. Dobson has.

This one highlights again how Dr. Dobson cannot support the ole 'Cain, because of McCain/Feingold and how it already... restricts the free speech of Focus On The Family.
The link to Dobson's, March 2007 letter regarding this is here.
(Warning: This article is not for the faint of heart such as "little children", so keep the little ones away.)

And you ole 'Cain supporters claim to be real conservatives!?!


are flat out STUPID IS WHAT YOU ARE!
(And I'm becoming really pissed about it, in case you cannot tell)

This one reminds us of why we defeated the amnesty bill and why Bush (and McCain) lost his way with the American people.

I mean, can you believe that Bush is this arrogant still?

"....Bush is upset that Romney changed his position on the issue, compared to what it had been when he was governor of Massachusetts, at the expense of the president's immigration reform...".


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why not Alan Keyes, instead of Huckabee, Dr. Dobson?

I just got back from an Alan Keyes event.

The more I listen to him the less I understand why Dr. Dobson, et al, don't get behind him.

It just absolutely boggles my mind!

I mean this is not the first time Keyes has been in the political picture!

He is accredited as bringing so many of the conservative issues to the forefront in debates because of his vast knowledge of the issues that our country was founded on, including the sanctity of life, etc. etc.

Sure, I've heard about him before. But it usually came with a bit of scorn or some kind of negativity tagged on to it, so I didn't pay much attention to him.

Now, I'm really pissed that he has had so much scorn poured onto him, for whatever reason.

But James Dobson is older, much older than me, and has by all accounts been paying more close attention to politics, for much longer than me.

So I just don't understand why Dobson wouldn't support Keyes instead of Huckabee!

It seriously boggles my mind!

Does anybody have an answer?

Update: 01-31-2008

After all it's the principle that matters here and not whether we think he can win against Hillary, right?

That was Dr. Dobson's argument for Huckabee when he was an unknown, i.e., if everybody voted with their conscience, then, he could win!

(Transalation: Poor us, but nobody will, so therefore we are screwed!)

Alan Keyes has a direct tie to Ronald Reagan (see

The Gipper spoke very highly of him.

Why not Alan Keyes, Dr. Dobson?

According to this search result he did consider it at some point:
"James Dobson, whose Focus on the Family reaches millions of followers through radio and newsletter subscriptions, is expected to reveal his choice this week. Alan Keyes for President! Some evangelical insiders predict that Mr. ..".

You Huckabee shills sure are some very special kind of wimps!

What is Huckabee not complaining about?

Huck complained that the evangelical leaders are not supporting him.

Why is that a surprise? That's his class warfare shtick that he's got going on all the time, against anybody and everybody that he very well pleases, at any time, for any reason!

The real "Christian" candidate you see.

Just for that reason alone, Dobson should come out and revoke all direct or implied support, just because he's a principled man.

Oh what? Dobson is afraid of what the thin-skinned Huck would do? All the more reason to come out and oppose him.

The question still remains, is Dobson going to stand on principle?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What? Am I too hard on Dr. Dobson?

Why? Because I implied that he is a political hack? Well why don't we count the ways, shall we?

1. He doesn't hold Huckabee to the same standard as he did Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson or even John McCain.
2. He didn't properly evaluate Huckabee before starting to speak well of him.
3. He, to this date hasn't revoked his words of praise for Huckabee.

What other word describes Dobson better at this point?

You tell me.

He may not think of himself as a hack or even intentionally trying to be one. That's not the point.
He's a political hack by default. Is that better?

Just because someone has had great integrity in the past, guarantees absolutely nothing in the future!

The truth is never pleasant. Swallow it now, before it's gets even more bitter.

What happens when public figures endorse candidates.

Just, as Oprah Winfrey has suffered from supporting Barack Obama, so also, Dr. James Dobson's non-profit organization, Focus On The Family will suffer, if, Dobson does not publicly revoke his support of Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.
When that happens, that will be a very sad state of affairs, because the organization has been very effective in promoting family values.

The idea, that us real conservatives have to support Huckabee because he is an "evangelical preacher" is patently absurd!
Dobson was going on the media circuit last year, explaining that he could not support Rudy Giuliani or Fred Thompson because of their record.
Well, if the history of a candidate is what we look at, then why is Dobson overlooking Huckabee's liberal record as Governor of Arkansas!?!
There is no need to go into Huckabee's record here, as it has been highlighted on blogs and conservative radio, ad nauseam.

Dr. Dobson's best contribution to this great country of ours, is to hold his peace, and, his best contribution to his organization is to publicly revoke his support of Huckabee based on the principles, that, he himself, has applied to other candidates.

As of this day, it remains to be seen, if Dobson, will stand on his self-invoked principle, or, if he will continue being a political hack, for the sake of preserving his pride, and thereby, bring ruin to his reputation as a sound advocate for conservative family values.

We all know, what we'd like to see happen.

"Pride goes before the fall" as they say, and that would be the least desirable thing that could happen.

We cannot control, what Dr. Dobson will do.
But here's hoping that he will make the right decision, by standing up like a righteous man of integrity, which is quite an ironic statement to be making, considering that we all thought, that Dr. James Dobson, has been, a man of integrity for so long.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

A revolution. What is it?

A commenter at HotAir opines:

"Maybe we need a revolution within the Repub party. This could be the year. The possibility really intrigues me."

jwp1964 on January 21, 2008 at 9:36 PM

Revolution: What is it? From dictionary. com:
1. An overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.

So. Let's see where this is leading, shall we? Note my post below on what's happening with RINO's (republican in name only) pundits who tell us to shut up.

We back off... i.e., no resolve... we lose.

We keep shouting our ideas from the rooftops regardless of who opposes us, we win.
What's not to like?
James Dobson and Tim LaHaye, etc. will have to back off on their support of Huckabee

For more on my analysis of why we have reached this point, go here to read my smack down with a HotAir commenter on this.
Basically, to summarize, it's because we have been too sensitive about criticizing our elected peers. This really started when we didn't oppose George W. Bush enough.

The GOP real primary starts in Florida.

Via HotAir headlines.

The summary is that the MSM and some moderate Republicans are trying to tell the rest of us, who to vote for and basically shut up.

Jed Babbitt has a good analysis on why McCain won so far. Basically, because in all the primaries so far, Independents and Democrats were allowed to vote Republican. McCain would've never won without those votes.

Rush and Hannity are echoing the same thing.
Rush Limbaugh said the words “shut up” thirty (30) times today in response to all the McCain supporters telling us to shut up.

This was one of Rush’s finer days even though he had a cold or allergy and couldn’t talk very fast.

Rush was more fired up today than I’ve ever heard him!

Sean Hannity was more fired up today than I’ve ever heard him. No fancy, pancy nice words. Damn you could tell he was mad!

More on Rush’s rant: (he said the word “be quiet” thirteen (13) times!

Rush also played a clip of Tom Brokaw ranting about Huckabee and McCain surging, saying that:
[low guttural voice]:
“It’s thee end off dawgma”

Exit question.

Who do you think are these pundits? (from Rush's rant):
I have even pundits on supposedly my own side of the aisle saying, “Just be quiet! You’re causing problems…

For my entire comment on this go to HotAir

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Huckabee hurts himself with the "Jesus and Satan are brothers" comment.

Via HotAir commentator tlclark,
Summary: Mormons took real offense to the off-handed statement made by Huckabee, "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the Devil are brothers?"

"Romney was not the universal favorite among my many western kith and kin - a lot liked McCain or Rudy - until Huck pulled the whole “Jesus and Satan are brothers” thing, which is a long standing smear akin to the blood libel in Mormon circles. Since then, all of them have been loyal to Mitt. Mitt should thank Huck. He didn’t have to play the Mormon card since Huck already played it and galvanized support around Romney. Ha!

That one act may guarantee a sweep of the western and SW states on super tuesday for Mitt. There are lot more Mormons out west than people realize and we vote, big time."

So much for Huckabee's campaign strategy! Like he had one.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who would've thunk? The "Jesus candidate" is endorsed by... (gasp!) a shady character!!

Via HotAir from ABC News:

Huckabee Endorsed By Controversial S.C. Politician

"South Carolina, Lt. Governor Andre Bauer was pulled over in Columbia for driving 60 mph in a 35 mph zone and a police officer drew his gun on Bauer after the lieutenant governor got out of his car and approached the officer.

...According to a 2006 AP report, the lieutenant governor was pulled over in February 2006 driving 101 mph in a 70 mph zone....

....Dashcam video and audio obtained by the Associated Press and other media outlets shows Bauer identifying himself as "SC Two" on a police radio installed in his car. The Governor of South Carolina's vehicle is often referred to as "SC One" by the Highway Patrol...

....After media attention and public outcry over what Bauer called his "lead foot," in 2006 he was forced to give up his "constable status," a state designation that allowed him to use police powers at the request of a law enforcement official....

The media accounts eventually forced Bauer to apologize to voters and to walk to his state office each day instead of driving a state vehicle. "

Now, isn't that wonderful?

See archived reports here (click on image to enlarge)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Huckabee shills push poll against Mitt and Fred.

Via HotAir. Sweet. Like real Christians.....practicing the golden rule, for all of us to see.

You make Jesus proud.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008


What my analysis and commentary below shows, is just how influential, our 24/7 sound bite, media dominated culture is.

Those who were twelve years old on 09/10/2001 and woke up to a new world, suck on Mike Huckabee's sound bites, "there's going to be heavy boots coming down on you", like so many new-fangled, fancied colored M&M's.

They were rounded up in the Iowa caucus and encouraged to vote in droves.

But the sad thing is, little do they know about the history of our country (thanks to our tax dollars at work), the memory of Ronald Reagan and true conservative values.

The NEA's support of Mike Huckabee, proves that he doesn't support school vouchers which would improve the education of our future kids and therefore avert another fool surging in the polls like Mike Huckabee.

But all is not lost.

Nobody, no huckster, can fool everybody all the time.

Not even Mike is genius enough to do that.

Here's a special message FOR A SPECIAL PERSON:


As much as James Dobson as helped the culture in the past, no past success, guarantees it in the future.



The reason I left Mike Huckabee out of the following poll is simple: He's an aberration of Biblical proportions.

As you can see by the earlier poll results (scroll down a couple pages and click on: Older Posts) on the least liked candidate, he scored the highest.

On the, who's your favorite GOP candidate, he scored low.

As I explain below, why the aberration even exists, it becomes very obvious why he is not leading in the national polls anymore.

The open outcry Iowa caucus, tweaked the results and gave him the boost that followed with a lead in the national polls......
.....but it also explains why it didn't follow up in NH (less evangelical votes notwithstanding).

Analysis of the latest polls of GOP candidates.

Even though the questions are different, they pretty much run neck and neck in the results.

CNN's latest poll pretty much shows the same, in that Huckabee won't beat Hillary or Obama.

A HotAir commentator (TheSiteRep) noted that Fred Thompson was left out of the CNN poll.

So.. this all boils down to the following conclusion: Mike Huckabee is an aberration. Let me explain what I mean and how that came to be.

You're in the Iowa caucus looking around at your friends and peers going.... "who are you going to vote for?"
I mean... you're voicing your vote out loud in a public arena, with your peers, with whom you want respect, and, you don't want to look stupid or out of bounds with the particular group that you're with at time.

Couple that with the fact, that Huckabee at that time, had not been scrutinized to a large extend, because just a short time before he was an mostly an unknown.

To everybody - except for those with an emotional connection to Huckabee, visa vi his Baptist preacher roots - he showed himself to be simply performing and walloping one liners that appealed to his supporters, such as... "the next thing you're going to see is the gates of hell opening up for you".....

I mean that one liner and many others by Huckabee were so transparent I almost threw up my popcorn!

I mean if you were paying attention to Huckabee's hesitations and gaps in his train of thought at the last debate, you could see he was making them up on the spot, for crying out loud!

Like Rush Limbaugh said: "whatever happened to using the Golden Rule as the guideline for how we treat our enemies?"

I'm sure that those 9-11 tweenagers, who are now of voting age and have come out to support Mike Huckabee don't have even the slightest clue what the following statement means:

Mike Huckabee is the fusion reincarnation of Jimmy Baker and William "slick" Jefferson Clinton.

Watch for their responses below to confirm their ignorance of these matters.


Note: click on "Older Posts" at bottom right, for poll results of least liked candidates.

Here are your poll results for the GOP candidates.

Click on image to enlarge.

Poll results for the least liked candidate.

Here are your poll results for the least liked republican candidate.

Click on the image for larger view.