Sunday, January 13, 2008

Analysis of the latest polls of GOP candidates.

Even though the questions are different, they pretty much run neck and neck in the results.

CNN's latest poll pretty much shows the same, in that Huckabee won't beat Hillary or Obama.

A HotAir commentator (TheSiteRep) noted that Fred Thompson was left out of the CNN poll.

So.. this all boils down to the following conclusion: Mike Huckabee is an aberration. Let me explain what I mean and how that came to be.

You're in the Iowa caucus looking around at your friends and peers going.... "who are you going to vote for?"
I mean... you're voicing your vote out loud in a public arena, with your peers, with whom you want respect, and, you don't want to look stupid or out of bounds with the particular group that you're with at time.

Couple that with the fact, that Huckabee at that time, had not been scrutinized to a large extend, because just a short time before he was an mostly an unknown.

To everybody - except for those with an emotional connection to Huckabee, visa vi his Baptist preacher roots - he showed himself to be simply performing and walloping one liners that appealed to his supporters, such as... "the next thing you're going to see is the gates of hell opening up for you".....

I mean that one liner and many others by Huckabee were so transparent I almost threw up my popcorn!

I mean if you were paying attention to Huckabee's hesitations and gaps in his train of thought at the last debate, you could see he was making them up on the spot, for crying out loud!

Like Rush Limbaugh said: "whatever happened to using the Golden Rule as the guideline for how we treat our enemies?"

I'm sure that those 9-11 tweenagers, who are now of voting age and have come out to support Mike Huckabee don't have even the slightest clue what the following statement means:

Mike Huckabee is the fusion reincarnation of Jimmy Baker and William "slick" Jefferson Clinton.

Watch for their responses below to confirm their ignorance of these matters.


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