Thursday, March 20, 2008


This Ass has reach the point of no return! I cannot tell you how many times this 'Ripoff and Lame-excuse' for a quote "conservative blogger" unquote, has completely pissed me off with his tactics of hazing or not recognizing true conservative efforts by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, etc. for the conservative causes that are the founding principles of this country.

From not recognizing such efforts as effective like Rush's drive for Republican crossover votes for Hillary, berating anybody doing conservative efforts whom he doesn't agree with, to literally gawking over the idea of a conservative crackup, I've completely had it with HotAir!
If it wasn't a well done website, he wouldn't have a prayer in the conservative circles.

It's pure stupidity and such a shame, because of the potential it has, as a vehicle for thought provoking ideas.

Oh well
.. life goes on.

Makes me wonder about the vetting process for his hiring though.

By the way Allah Pundit, if you are reading this.. screw you!

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