Saturday, February 2, 2008

Huckabee is CORRUPT!!

6. Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR):

"Governor Huckabee enjoyed a meteoric rise in the polls in December 2007, which prompted a more thorough review of his ethics record."

According to The Associated Press:

“[Huckabee’s] career has also been colored by 14 ethics complaints and a volley of questions about his integrity, ranging from his management of campaign cash to his use of a nonprofit organization to subsidize his income to his destruction of state computer files on his way out of the governor’s office.”

And what was Governor Huckabee’s response to these ethics allegations?

Rather than cooperating with investigators, Huckabee sued the state ethics commission twice and attempted to shut the ethics process down.

God have mercy!

What in the HELL... is it... with this God forsaken, IDIOT-of-a-"Christian/Jesus" candidate?!?!?

Huckabee is not only stupid, he is dangerous!!



God have mercy on us!

You know... the bigger picture here, is that, the religion of Christianity, at large, is going to suffer if they continue to blindly follow this bastard and vote for him, in much the same way as I have outlined the reasons Dr. Dobson is going to cause harm to his non-profit organization, Focus On The Family (see below).

I'll have more on this thought later (I'm too pissed right now).

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