Saturday, February 2, 2008

Links to my heartfelt rants on HotAir

Specifying the anti-Romney bias is the theme of this one.

This one reiterates the influence Dr. Dobson has.

This one highlights again how Dr. Dobson cannot support the ole 'Cain, because of McCain/Feingold and how it already... restricts the free speech of Focus On The Family.
The link to Dobson's, March 2007 letter regarding this is here.
(Warning: This article is not for the faint of heart such as "little children", so keep the little ones away.)

And you ole 'Cain supporters claim to be real conservatives!?!


are flat out STUPID IS WHAT YOU ARE!
(And I'm becoming really pissed about it, in case you cannot tell)

This one reminds us of why we defeated the amnesty bill and why Bush (and McCain) lost his way with the American people.

I mean, can you believe that Bush is this arrogant still?

"....Bush is upset that Romney changed his position on the issue, compared to what it had been when he was governor of Massachusetts, at the expense of the president's immigration reform...".


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