Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why not Alan Keyes, instead of Huckabee, Dr. Dobson?

I just got back from an Alan Keyes event.

The more I listen to him the less I understand why Dr. Dobson, et al, don't get behind him.

It just absolutely boggles my mind!

I mean this is not the first time Keyes has been in the political picture!

He is accredited as bringing so many of the conservative issues to the forefront in debates because of his vast knowledge of the issues that our country was founded on, including the sanctity of life, etc. etc.

Sure, I've heard about him before. But it usually came with a bit of scorn or some kind of negativity tagged on to it, so I didn't pay much attention to him.

Now, I'm really pissed that he has had so much scorn poured onto him, for whatever reason.

But James Dobson is older, much older than me, and has by all accounts been paying more close attention to politics, for much longer than me.

So I just don't understand why Dobson wouldn't support Keyes instead of Huckabee!

It seriously boggles my mind!

Does anybody have an answer?

Update: 01-31-2008

After all it's the principle that matters here and not whether we think he can win against Hillary, right?

That was Dr. Dobson's argument for Huckabee when he was an unknown, i.e., if everybody voted with their conscience, then, he could win!

(Transalation: Poor us, but nobody will, so therefore we are screwed!)

Alan Keyes has a direct tie to Ronald Reagan (see

The Gipper spoke very highly of him.

Why not Alan Keyes, Dr. Dobson?

According to this search result he did consider it at some point:
"James Dobson, whose Focus on the Family reaches millions of followers through radio and newsletter subscriptions, is expected to reveal his choice this week. Alan Keyes for President! Some evangelical insiders predict that Mr. ..".

You Huckabee shills sure are some very special kind of wimps!


Allah Pundit said...

You went to one Alan Keyes event? YOU ARE EASILY PERSUADED / gullible. For shame.

P.S> Alan Keyes is a homosexual.

Maverick Blogger© (commenter McGuyver on said...

There you go Jack. Your little insult has been recorded for posterity.
I sure do hope you're happy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, AP is kind of a wiener. He kicked me off Hot Air for suggesting that if illegal aliens crossing the border knew that they would be shot if they tried, they would be much less likely to try.

And Alan Keyes would definitely be a better choice than Hypocritabee. But Alan Keyes won't be elected, because he speaks common sense. That pretty much disqualifies him as a politician these days.

Allah Pundit said...

Hey ace,

Do us all a grand ole favor and go fuck yourself.

Maverick Blogger© (commenter McGuyver on said...

Here is the HotAir page where AP's first comment above, appeared in response to my comments posted here.

Maverick Blogger© (commenter McGuyver on said...

Here is the comment which AP responded to this last time.

Maverick Blogger© (commenter McGuyver on said...

So now he is challenging me to prove it's him?

Without going into his office/bedroom and measuring his monitor and checking his IP address, etc. how can I prove it?

I can't. That's why he's challenging me.

Maverick Blogger© (commenter McGuyver on said...

Sorry those last three links are didn't come out right.

I'll try and correct them when I have more time, I'm still figuring out how these link commands work here on blogger comment posts.