Monday, January 21, 2008

The GOP real primary starts in Florida.

Via HotAir headlines.

The summary is that the MSM and some moderate Republicans are trying to tell the rest of us, who to vote for and basically shut up.

Jed Babbitt has a good analysis on why McCain won so far. Basically, because in all the primaries so far, Independents and Democrats were allowed to vote Republican. McCain would've never won without those votes.

Rush and Hannity are echoing the same thing.
Rush Limbaugh said the words “shut up” thirty (30) times today in response to all the McCain supporters telling us to shut up.

This was one of Rush’s finer days even though he had a cold or allergy and couldn’t talk very fast.

Rush was more fired up today than I’ve ever heard him!

Sean Hannity was more fired up today than I’ve ever heard him. No fancy, pancy nice words. Damn you could tell he was mad!

More on Rush’s rant: (he said the word “be quiet” thirteen (13) times!

Rush also played a clip of Tom Brokaw ranting about Huckabee and McCain surging, saying that:
[low guttural voice]:
“It’s thee end off dawgma”

Exit question.

Who do you think are these pundits? (from Rush's rant):
I have even pundits on supposedly my own side of the aisle saying, “Just be quiet! You’re causing problems…

For my entire comment on this go to HotAir

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