Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What happens when public figures endorse candidates.

Just, as Oprah Winfrey has suffered from supporting Barack Obama, so also, Dr. James Dobson's non-profit organization, Focus On The Family will suffer, if, Dobson does not publicly revoke his support of Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.
When that happens, that will be a very sad state of affairs, because the organization has been very effective in promoting family values.

The idea, that us real conservatives have to support Huckabee because he is an "evangelical preacher" is patently absurd!
Dobson was going on the media circuit last year, explaining that he could not support Rudy Giuliani or Fred Thompson because of their record.
Well, if the history of a candidate is what we look at, then why is Dobson overlooking Huckabee's liberal record as Governor of Arkansas!?!
There is no need to go into Huckabee's record here, as it has been highlighted on blogs and conservative radio, ad nauseam.

Dr. Dobson's best contribution to this great country of ours, is to hold his peace, and, his best contribution to his organization is to publicly revoke his support of Huckabee based on the principles, that, he himself, has applied to other candidates.

As of this day, it remains to be seen, if Dobson, will stand on his self-invoked principle, or, if he will continue being a political hack, for the sake of preserving his pride, and thereby, bring ruin to his reputation as a sound advocate for conservative family values.

We all know, what we'd like to see happen.

"Pride goes before the fall" as they say, and that would be the least desirable thing that could happen.

We cannot control, what Dr. Dobson will do.
But here's hoping that he will make the right decision, by standing up like a righteous man of integrity, which is quite an ironic statement to be making, considering that we all thought, that Dr. James Dobson, has been, a man of integrity for so long.

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Allah Pundit said...

Hey McGuver im gonna kik ur butt
lol jk

Maverick Blogger© (commenter McGuyver on HotAir.com) said...

Didn't feel anything. Better be harder next time.

Dana said...

Um, ok...but I can't find where Dobson has endorsed Huckabee or I'm completely missing something. In fact, it seems the opposite is going on. Huckabee expects their support and is whining about not getting it:


Maverick Blogger© (commenter McGuyver on HotAir.com) said...

After Iowa, Dobson was cheering Hucik's win, saying, "The MSM tried to say that the evangelical movement is not strong. But Iowa proves them wrong".

A quote from your link, Dana, to TNR:
(The longer Huck stays in this race—especially with his class-warrior shtick--the longer he puts a strain on the fault lines within the Reagan coalition. This, evangelical leaders must realize, could mean serious heartache for their troops.)
Dobson should stand up on principle here.