Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What happens if Obama wins nomination?

In response to Dick Morris saying that Hillary is done.....

My comment at Real Clear Politics:
"Texas is a natural firewall though, Dick Morris, because there a lot of Hispanics that will not vote for the Black person. I've talked to a lot of Hispanics here, who, using the derogative phrase for black people said they will never vote for the ******!

Racism is alive and well, not among whites who have voted for Obama in droves, but among Hispanics. I was shocked beyond disbelief upon hearing their tone of voice against the ******!
They claim that there are going to be riots if Obama wins!

My question is, riots among who? Right. Hispanics against Blacks. Maybe Obama winning the nomination - but not necessarily the national election - will expose the Hispanic's bigotry/racism and give Americans at large, even more reason to throw out the illegals.

Not that I'm wishing this scenario to happen, but could it be a good thing in the long run for Obama to win the delegate count?
And then, if Hillary steals the "election" by getting the super delegates' votes, guess what that will do for the Democratic Party's legitimacy and social rest/unrest.

Ahhhh! Guess what?

While writing this just announced on the radio that the Hispanic Farm Workers Association of Texas has just endorsed Hillary!!"

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